testimonial approval

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testimonial approval

Post by Lfrailey173 »

Hi! Has something changed with where testimonials awaiting approval are located? I have alert saying there is a new testimonial awaiting approval and when I click the link it takes me to the testimonial designer. I used to click "add/edit testimonial" and then it would pull up a page with any testimonials awaiting approval on top and then below all the approved testimonials. Now when I click "add/edit testimonials" it pulls up a page with the header "Existing Testimonials" but there is nothing above the header which is where those needing approval used to show. How do I find those awaiting approval? Thanks!
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Re: testimonial approval

Post by Elijah »

Hey there!

If you go to Store --> Product Reviews, does the page look familiar? If so, it's possible you were adding product reviews previously, rather than testimonials (which show up on a totally different screen).

For now, once you click the AllProWebTools console notification for testimonials, the unapproved ones should show up at the bottom of the page if you scroll down! They'll be greyed out so you can find them easily.

Hope that helps!
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