creating a website clone

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creating a website clone

Postby Dhara1937 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:45 pm

I just watched the video by Dave on how to clone an APWT website. I have a couple of clarifying questions.
Is the site I am cloning currently being hosted somewhere else besides APWT? So, I'm not just cloning an already-existing APWT site, correct?
When you say, "I just created a new installation of APWT", do you mean that I have launched a 'mock up' site and that's where I am going to put the clone into?
Thanks for clarifying those two things.
I have a new client who has a very robust site and store, using shopify.
She would like to hire me to be her web manager, but unless I can migrate her site easily over to APWT, I would have to learn her shopify program, which I'm really not interested in doing.
Would this clone feature allow me to easily migrate her current site onto the APWT platform (moving it to the mock-up site first so I can finish building it out on APWT)?
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Re: creating a website clone

Postby Dave » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:09 pm

The cloning feature only works with existing AllProWebTools installs that are in your Expert or Provider account.

Yes, you should clone to new AllProWebTools mockups.

No, you cannot clone a website that is not already using AllProWebTools.

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