Editing an order

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Editing an order

Post by Markweaver2114 »

I use the time card system to track hours, and then create orders which go to a cart. I review them and if I've left anything off, I edit the order before creating the invoice.

In the past for instance, if I had missed entering a phone call, I'd go back into the cart and enter 0.25 which would then be multiplied by the hourly rate. Now when I do, it changes the quantity to 1.

What is the mechanism for entering less than a full hour of time into a new order that hasn't yet been turned into an invoice and shipped? I'm doing a workaround that doesn't look very good, but I haven't had to do this before. Am I missing something?
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Re: Editing an order

Post by JohnB »

We just pushed out a small update that will allow you to enter less than a full hour into a new order when adding hourly type products.

Please try this again, and let me know if it still isn't working properly for you!
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