creating a registration form

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creating a registration form

Post by Dhara1937 »

We want our conference-goers to be able to register on the website. ( ... vous-2018/)
There are 24 different possible options (like--one workshop, two overnights; or two workshops, four overnights;).
Within the 24 initial choices, each choice will have 9 subchoices (like the name of the workshop).
Then, within those 9 sub-choices, they must choose how many of which meals they want (breakfast, lunch, or dinner).
At the end of their choosing, they would 'check out' and pay for everything via the paypal button on the website.
I'm guessing all this involves building a 'ticket' product using variations and possibly attributes.
What would be the best way for me to learn how to configure these 'products'?
Is there a comprehensive forum post, or a series of videos I could watch or could we do a screen share?
I must admit, I have a hard time wrapping my head around 'variations' and 'attributes'.
I'd love to 'get clear' on exactly when to use them and how they work.
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Re: creating a registration form

Post by JohnB »

Here is what I would recommend setting up:
  1. Setup a product category for these workshops under Store->Categories
  2. Create products for your initial 24 options (probably Ticket products are best, like you mentioned) and place them in the Category you created
  3. Go to the Variations tab of one of your 24 products, and set up the variation options by clicking on the + button in the "Variation Options" panel.
  4. Here, setup your 2 sets of variation options:
    1. One for the 9 sub-options
      • It sounds like you may want customers to be able to select 2 out of these 9 options. In that case, you would have to setup a second option set of the same 9 options for the customer to select from
    2. One for the meals
      • For simplicity for yourself, and the customers, I would recommend making this a simple yes/no if the customer wants meals provided.
    3. Then you will have to add these variation option sets to your 24 products, so that each of the 24 will display the variation options for the customer to select from.
In regards to the attributes, I can not think of a case where you couldn't use variations instead, so I would recommend just using the variations for setting up products like this!

Please let me know if you have any more questions, or if I need to clarify anything for you!
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