event registration plug in?

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event registration plug in?

Post by Dhara1937 »

My client produces three conferences a year that requires pre-registration.
Each registrant needs to configure their unique conference experience--based on how many (and which) workshops they want to take, how many overnights they need, single or double occupancy and which and how many of each meal they want to purchase ahead of time.
For our Spring 2018 conference, we built (on the APWT platform) each option as a separate store item under the '2018 Spring conference' category.
It required registrants to purchase each item (option) one at a time. The only drop-down menu we were able to build was for the number of meals--but they still had to go in and out (from their cart back to the products) to purchase a lunch, breakfast or dinner, etc. Needless to say, we had A LOT of abandoned carts that required constant follow up and hand-holding. :shock:
Bottom line, the feedback we got (from the conference evaluations) was that attendees did not like the registration process. They found it, at best, awkward, and at worse, annoying.
For our Summer 2018 conference, we need to come up with another registration system that streamlines the options, so they only need to open one page and work off of that, using drop-down options to complete their registration. Like this:
• Please check the nights you plan to stay
o March 1
o March 2
o March 3
• Select March 1-2 Workshop
o The Felted Bag: Dimensional Felting with Resists
• Select March 3-4 Workshop
o Surface Design in Feltmaking
• Fee
Two Classes, Three Nights
Badge Information
• * Badge Name:

Is there a registration software package, like EventBright, or the one with Constant Contact, that we could plug into our APWT website? We love the CRM tool that keeps track of everyone's 'purchase' and order under each unique contact record.
OR do you have another suggestion on how we can use the APWT software but streamline the registration process?
Thanks so much!
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Re: event registration plug in?

Post by Dave »

I am not sure how your registration process can be built in a streamlined fassion inside of AllProWebTools. if you have found a solution with another provider, they will likely provide you with some HTML code that can be inserted on your website to put their form inside your website - but this is a question to ask that provider.

I can assure you that whatever HTML code they provide to you CAN be used on your AllProWebTools website.
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