Dates Booked Shortcode

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Dates Booked Shortcode

Postby Agalassi1792 » Thu May 30, 2019 4:08 pm


So, I have a question. I have a site that is a lodge/hotel, and they offer cabins that can be booked out via APWT.

I am curious... is there an APWT shortcode that can display the dates that have been selected? Like, so someone wants to book a room for july 6- july 7, they pick those dates, and then the page refreshes (if they are booking on the product page itself) and then above the 'book now' button I want to show some text to confirm the dates that they chose via a shortcode.

Let me know if this makes sense and if this is possible, thanks!!
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Re: Dates Booked Shortcode

Postby Benjaminh326 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:41 am


We have added a shortcode for this. It is called "Date Range Chosen" in the "Short Codes" dropdown on the webpage editor. It will add the "{DATERANGECHOSEN}" shortcode to your website.

You can place this short code wherever you want the dates that your customers have picked to appear after they have submitted reservation dates.

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