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Invalid Email icon however customer receives emails

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:11 pm
by Lfrailey173
Hi! I've been noticing that some customers have the icon noting an invlaid email next to their email in their customer profile however they do receive our emails and you can see in their customer timeline that they have actually opened the emails. Seems like this must be some sort of glitch? Example I noticed today is buyer ID 12318.

Re: Invalid Email icon however customer receives emails

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:46 am
by Elijah
Hey there!

The last email that buyer received was a month ago, so there's a chance the email address was valid when that newsletter was sent out, and has been marked invalid since. However, if you know for sure that the buyer has received an email while being marked invalid, I would be able to look into it. You could test this by leaving a different buyer (I reset this one, see below) marked as invalid and seeing if they receive the next newsletter you send.

Otherwise, the easiest way to guarantee this buyer will receive emails in the future is to try "resetting" their email. You can actually do a quick "reset" to the ID by clicking on it, as if you were going to edit the email, and then hitting the green check box to save the address. You should see the "invalid email" icon disappear.

Re: Invalid Email icon however customer receives emails

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:34 pm
by Steve173
Yes I've tried the "resetting" email option and initially it marks it as valid but then once an email sends it gets marked back to "invalid."

There seems to be some bug in our system lately as quite a few customers when they call say they have not been receiving our coupon and newsletter emails however when they place an order they receive an email with their invoice and then an email confirmation when the order is marked as shipped so there emails are valid. I will start keeping a list of customers for examples.

One from today is buyer #18907 who used to always receive our emails but looks like as of September she has not received any. Her email shows as "invalid" however she just emailed us from this same email address asking why she hasn't received any coupons for the last 6 weeks. Can you please look into this as it seems to be happening on a much larger scale? Want to make sure we are not losing the opportunity to email customers who actually do have a valid email. Thanks!

Re: Invalid Email icon however customer receives emails

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:34 pm
by JohnB

There are several reasons that an email may be marked as invalid, most of these are reported by the service that you setup in Settings->Email under the SMTP Settings tab. Whether this service is Mailgun or Sendgrid (at this time, we like to recommend using Sendgrid), you can log into your Mailgun or Sendgrid account and check the logs. These logs will show in great detail what messages were sent, and what messages failed, and the reason they failed.

When your Mailgun or Sendgrid account responds saying there is a problem with the email address, AllProWebTools will receive that notice and mark the email address as invalid, in order to avoid repeatedly sending messages to a bad email address, which would hurt your email reputation.

Now, if you feel that too many emails are being marked as invalid, and you are using Mailgun, my first suggestion would be to try setting up a Sendgrid account.

If you would like to try setting up a Sendgrid account, here is a video that will help walk you through the process!