User Account Login Issue

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User Account Login Issue

Post by Ewinfield2865 »

Good morning,

Please see the series of comments below from a user regarding accessing his account. Please let me know what needs to happen to get this all resolved.

After logging in once to my account and not being able to get back to the account info page after saving a change, I now am clicking on the SIGN IN button and nothing happens, the page doesn't go to the login page so now I can't even log in??

The Sign In button now doesn't work so I'm unable to sign into the website. Please let me know when this site is working so I can edit my info. thanks

Unless I'm missing something when I log in I can see my account info but after I make a change there is no way to get back to account info? There is nothing up top after you login that says "Account" or anything that allows you get back to the page after you login. Doesn't make sense. I had to log out and log in again to make other changes.

Thank you for your help!

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Re: User Account Login Issue

Post by Elijah »

Hi Erin!

We went ahead and added a "Login" button to the top of the site, and that way once a member is logged in, they will be able to access their account (the "Login" button will change to "My Account" once they're logged in)!

You may notice that the "Sign In" button achieves the same function as the "Login" button at first, but it will not allow a user to visit their account and change their information, which is why we added the latter!

I hope that helps! It would be awesome if you could test it out and confirm that it works!
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