Website Shop page display issue

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Website Shop page display issue

Post by Steve173 »

Hi! Our website "Shop" page is having a display issue? Looks like it's pulling the product description and the product bullet points from the individual product page and displaying them all together with no punctuation and smashing words together that should have a space between.

For example "nonijuice" should be "noni juice" and and "nonipulp" should be "noni pulp" and NoniLavender should be "Noni Lavender" and "NoniFruit" should be "Noni Fruit".

Also there's no punctuation inserted between the statements. For example "14x more potent than nonijuice Low heat processed from non-fermented nonipulp Provides natural antioxidant protection against free radical damage Boosts the immune system" There should be a "." after "noni juice" and a "." after "noni pulp" and "." after "damage"

How do we fix this?
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Re: Website Shop page display issue

Post by NoahBaldwin »

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! This issue has been addressed. Please verify that it is now working the way you expected.
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