Email delivering issue

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Email delivering issue

Post by Steve173 »

We are having an issue with our emails not delivering. I just got off the phone with Go Daddy support team. I emailed from our [email protected] to two different Go Daddy support members and neither as of now has received my email in the inbox nor junk/spam folder. They informed us that it is likely an issue with a setting being misconfigured on our domain or email. Since our domain is hosted by AllProWebTools through Cloudflare, Go Daddy was not able to help troubleshoot further as they cannot check the MX record for us. Could you please look into what might be misconfigured so I can try resending the email to their support team. Thank you!
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Re: Email delivering issue

Post by Brads326 »

We have run the following test with Google and got back this response indicating that all email security is working properly:
Screenshot from 2020-05-08 11-19-58.png
Screenshot from 2020-05-08 11-19-58.png (42.44 KiB) Viewed 852 times
We also ran a test on your domain to see if you have been blacklisted, with the following results showing that your email address has not been blacklisted:
Screenshot from 2020-05-08 11-21-45.png
Screenshot from 2020-05-08 11-21-45.png (40.69 KiB) Viewed 852 times

Please show this information to Godaddy and ask them to provide further clarification on the issue.
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