Double Optin

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Double Optin

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I am wondering if there could eventually be a way to easily set up a double optin through APWT, in light of the new GDPR rules.

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Re: Double Optin

Post by Dave »

I am not aware of any specific requirements by the EU GDPR stating that double opt-in is a requirement.

According to this article by Hubspot, here is what they have to say: "The GDPR is silent on whether this form of consent is required, and unless guidance to the contrary is issued by the EU or our supervisory authority, our view is that this is not mandatory under the GDPR"

Double opt-in is however, possible to configure with AllProWebTools.

The steps of a double opt-in are:

1. Initial form filled out by user asking to be added to the email list.
2. An email is immediately sent to the user at the email address that they registered to verify that they really want to be added to the mailing list. This email includes a link that can be clicked to verify the desire to be added to the list.
3. Once the link is clicked, the user is ACTUALLY added to the mailing list. If they do not click the link, they are never added to the list.

You likely already know how to setup AllProWebTools with step 1. If you would like help with this, here is a video that will guide you:

Step 2 is very simple. Just create an email with a link in it with the words "Click here to confirm" - then make that text into a hyperlink that looks similar to this:

Code: Select all{EMAIL}
The only 2 items that you need to change for you specific needs are:
1. the actual URL of your website (where it says "" - this should be your website)
2. the boxid - this is the ID of the 2nd signup box that you are going to create.

So how do we make all this work? You will create your normal signup box for step 1 above, and set it to a tag name called "pre-optin" - this is where all of your 1st level opt ins will go (these are folks who have not yet "double opted in".

Then you create your second signup box that only accepts the email address (do not configure it to take first name or ANY other information). You also want to assign it to a tag called "double optin" - this will serve to tag those folks who have clicked your double optin verification email. The id of this signup box is the one that you will use in your special URL link.

You can then add your email campaign series to the second signup box, not the first signup box.

Hope that helps!
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