Cusomize Sign-Up Box Labels

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Cusomize Sign-Up Box Labels

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I am wondering - can there be an added feature in the future where we can easily modify and edit each and every Default Input label for contact forms?

So for an example, there is a default input label for 'Company'. Our client wants this changed to 'Organizations', so I will need to play around with CSS to make this happen. It would be super great if there was an option to do this per sign up box, so that people could easily customize these fields to the labels that make sense for their business.

Also, along with this - an easy way to rearrange the form fields so people can have more flexibility with their forms. So like, if someone wants the phone below email, and the company as like the last form field in the form, something like that. Right now this is very hard to accomplish.

Please reference this topic: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3828&p=7904&hilit=form+label

Let me know about this,
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