AllProWebTools Version 2.51 (8-1-2012)

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AllProWebTools Version 2.51 (8-1-2012)

Postby Dave » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:29 pm

  1. If no content on page then the nav bar does not link
  2. Embed testimonials into Emails
  3. Ability to change last email in a campaign
  4. Special event tracker
  5. Ability to have custom modules
  6. Create your own URL shortcuts
  7. Auto placement of social icons
  8. Ability to edit Call Us phrasing
  9. Geocoding and address in footer
  10. Separate Article and Webpages
  11. Show unsubscribes per email
  12. Ability to view all unsubscribes
  13. Auto generated blog page
  14. Ability to delete pictures out of content folder
  15. Bulk product editor
  16. Dynamic product variations
  17. Tasking System
  18. Accept lbs and ozs when creating a product
  19. Improved search results
  20. Enhanced graphing
  21. Sort Products and Webpages by name and ID
  22. Improved Dictionary system
  23. Product Category hierarchy
  24. Be able to change Featured products verbiage
  25. Ability to delete slider images
  26. Blog RSS Feed
  27. Product Kits
  28. Default Product Category Picture
  29. Specify CSS classes for Navigation
  30. Email Notification Center
  31. Interactive datepicker
  32. Add content to Products page
  33. Accept lbs and ounces when printing a shipping label
  34. Specify columns in product grid
  35. Featured Products
  36. Specify product category on menu bar
  37. Additional options to order referred by
  38. Product attributes

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