AllProWebTools Version 4 (9-1-2015)

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AllProWebTools Version 4 (9-1-2015)

Postby Paige » Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:54 pm

  1. Downlines 2.0
  2. Improved new password requirements
  3. Dropbox Integration
  4. Google Calendar integration (company calendar)
    1. Remind sales person when due to call lead (reminder set by calendar default?)
    2. Remind employee when a task is due (maybe set reminder time manually in the task, maybe use calendar default for reminder time?)
  5. Internal chat #18453
  6. Timecards setting to default to company only
  7. Private tasks
  8. Popup alerts when it is time to call someone
  9. Add custom fields to CRM
  10. Report of recently active contacts
  11. Mention (@) in task subject lines to tie to CRM record
  12. Setting list alphabatized
  13. Admin indicator on Users screen
  14. Digital Go Live form - with notice
  15. Digital Cancel form
  16. Change date added on contact
  17. Owner setting on user
  18. Filter by "No tags"
  19. Productivity report
  20. GPS tracking on timecards
  21. Ability to hide project codes
  22. Business Hours
  23. Insert note on status change
  24. Improved extra email & phone fields
  25. Interface for deleted contacts

Website Package
  1. Date testimonials were created on Testimonial list
  2. Gallery crop options
  3. Image captions on Gallery
  4. Facebook authorship
  5. Twitter authorship
  6. Set open graph image

Commerce Package
  1. Hourly Calendar Scheduling
  2. Setting to force sales rep #18551
  3. Display Lifetime Value on CRM record
  4. Improved Create New Product
  5. Clear callback time on contact
  6. Ability to delete autoship

Marketing WebTool
  1. SEO Wizard

Email Marketing WebTool
  1. User signature line
  2. Opened emails in timeline
  3. Unsubscribes in timeline
  4. Full HTTPS support
  5. Filter by unsubscribed
  6. Subscribe/Unsubscribe in CRM

Wholesale WebTool
  1. Search by Zip code on Find a Store


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