AllProWebTools Version 4.5 (12-03-2016)

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AllProWebTools Version 4.5 (12-03-2016)

Postby Paige » Fri May 27, 2016 6:50 pm

Base Package
  1. Miscellaneous UI and security improvements
  2. Month End Report
  3. Welcome tutorial
  4. Send and receive emails directly from the timeline
  5. TimeAdder widget (for expiration dates)
  6. Improved Timecard report

CRM Integrations WebTool
  1. Google Drive

Commerce WebTool
  1. Stripe integration
  2. Square integration
  3. Filter timeline by order type
  4. Paypal Pro credit cards accepted through console

Email Marketing WebTool
  1. Responsive email support
  2. Multiple Email Campaigns Support
  3. Hourly Scheduled Email Campaigns

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