AllProWebTools Version 4.63 (3-07-2018)

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AllProWebTools Version 4.63 (3-07-2018)

Postby JohnB » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:03 pm

Base Package
  1. Ability to delete unused themes
  2. Ability to upload Membership Categories from CSV
  3. UI Improvements
  4. Fixed youtube video search in page editor
  5. System changelog added to record WebTool additions and removals
  6. Task Template UI Improvements
  7. *Tokens now available on website when a customer is logged in. (first, last, company, customerid, custom fields)
  8. *Customizable introduce message

Commerce WebTools
  1. Added 2 Flat Rate Envelopes to USPS shipping manager
  2. Flat Rate shipping process improved and includes default weight

{NEW WebTool} Ad Server
  1. *publish ads on your website

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