AllProWebTools Version 5.3 (Current 2-15-2020)

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AllProWebTools Version 5.3 (Current 2-15-2020)

Postby Dave » Thu Oct 03, 2019 1:49 pm

Base Package
  1. Setting to make APWT app use company phone number for calls
  2. Setting to enable a sidebar with links to all pages that have the Gallery widget
  3. Unmatched Facebook contacts show up in notifications

  1. Links on invoices will automatically log customers into their accounts securely. (no more need to login)
  2. Added coupons that can only be used once per customer.
  3. Customer contracts.
  4. Membership billing can now be set for a specific day every month.
  5. Copy a paid order to a new order estimate.

CRM Inbox
  1. New AllPro Drive - Attachments received from clients via email are now stored and accessible inside AllProWebTools

  1. New AllPro Drive - Images are now stored when received from clients via email, text message, and Facebook messenger
  2. Emails2Leads - Leads sent to you by email can automatically be entered into the CRM and instantly notify you in the smartphone app. Integration
  1. Reputation scoring for text messaging
  2. New AllPro Drive - Images are now stored when received from clients via text message

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