AllProWebTools Version 4.64 (BETA Expected 2-01-2019)

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AllProWebTools Version 4.64 (BETA Expected 2-01-2019)

Postby Dave » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:10 pm

Base Package
  1. DragDropr
  2. Delete from timeline (admin only) - hide
  4. UI Improvements
  5. Landing Page Templates
  6. Leadboxes and Contact Forms now have an email reply button in the Workflow Timeline
  7. Leadboxes and Contact Forms - improved SPAM protection
  8. Choose www or non-www for your default domain
  9. New system email templates editor

  1. New start and stop times for product display on website
  2. Coupons now have a delete button
  3. New system email to alert customers to update their credit card on file Integration
  1. 2-way Text Messaging (Transactional)
  2. Incoming Call tracking / missed call notification
  3. Incoming Call CRM Popup
  4. Text Message Marketing (Marketing)

Paychex Integration
  1. Timecard to Direct Deposit

  1. Renewal warning email with template

CRM Inbox
  1. report for email inbox/sent

CRM WebTool
  1. Ultimate contacts report
  2. Profile Image
  3. Leadbox Custom Field Precedence

  1. Email campaigns now support reminder emails before Ticket event date
  2. New Ticket event date entry

Email Marketing WebTool
  1. Email queuing
  2. Click to add Stats such as opens, unopens, clicks, etc to a new tag

System Email Templates
  1. Forgot Password
  2. NEW - Membership about to charge
  3. Failed Credit Card
  4. Email Invoice Template
  5. Invoice Paid Template
  6. NEW - Invoice not yet paid after X days reminder email
  7. Your order has been shipped
  8. Shipping estimage has link to invalid invoice number

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