Staying Personable

Monday November 30, -0001 comments Tags: email marketing

In today’s hectic world where so many people shop online, it’s harder and harder to establish and nurture a personal relationship with your customers. In past generations store owners knew their customers by their first names and also knew their buying preferences. So how does a business owner stay personable with their customers in today's economy?

When your business is small the easiest way to stay personable is by staying in contact with your customers using email marketing. And as your business grows AllProWebTools grows with you by helping you keep your emails personalized for each customer.   AllProWebTools has a way to make every email look as though it was made especially for each recipient. 

When drafting an email in our Email Blast system, you have the option to add names to the subject line.  Simply enter how much of each name you want to have displayed (e.g. Full name, Last name, First name), and the system will include the information that you have entered in your contacts. (We have a video tutorial to show you exactly how to do this.)

You can even have multiple lists to subcategorize your customers to send them emails to better meet their buying preferences.




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