Prepare Your Clients: Make PDFs Available

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

If you are a business that has forms you would love for your clients to have before coming into your office, do we have the answer for you.   AllProWebTools has a tool that allows you to link customers to a PDF on your website.  Linking a PDF (PDF is recommended over Word.doc) will result in clickable text on your website that will lead visitors to an online document which they can print or download to their computer.  Make it easy for your visitors to find by using such words as “Click Here” or “For More Information.” Clickable text should be recognized from its blue color and underlining. . 

Another helpful aspect of AllProWebTools’ PDF linking tool is that you will upload the file to the console system.  This will store the document in the cloud, so it will never be lost. 

Adding a PDF is easy after going through the process once, but if this is your first time watch the instructional video. This will take you through the process step by step.




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Pricing Calculator

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