Instant Gratification for today's consumer

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

Gift certificates can be one of the strongest sales tools for a small business owner to offer. With AllProWebTools you can create gift certificates as if they were products!  Create the look of your gift certificate, the dollar value, and even generate a QR code for the certificate.

Instant Gratification is the name of the game.  When a consumer sees something on a website there is no better way to give them instant gratification than to offer a gift certificate they can print right away.

 The great thing for you, the business owner, is that when they come in to your store to use their gift certificate one of two things will happen. They either make a purchase for less than the gift certificate amount and forget to use the remainder (which equates to pure profit for you) or they buy an additional item to use up the entire value of the certificate (which equates to more sales for you.) 

In addition, each gift certificate comes with its own unique QR code. When you scan the code at your business it will register within your website. If the customer doesn't spend the entire amount of the gift certificate, the remainder will be recorded with the QR code and assigned to that customer. Thus, if the customer loses their gift certificate the QR code is still registered to their name and they haven't lost the value, as long as they remember to use it. 

Bottom certificates are a great way to increase your bottom line.






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