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Monday November 30, -0001 comments

Your Order Detail page will provide you with even more options to better manage your orders. 

From this page you also have options to handle orders post-ship.  Having a customer return an order can be a disappointing procedure but these quick buttons will make the process quick and painless.

 These options will be helpful with return orders, reshipping and customer communication.

You also have a few other options that will help you with shipments. Such as:

  • Hold an Order
  • Mark an order as Shipped
  • Return an order – which will:
    • Refund the customer’s money
    • Update Inventory
  • Make a Special Shipping Request
    • If a customer is making a purchase on behalf of a friend or family member, use this to make a one-time shipping address change.
  • Reship
    • The user must select a reason for a reshipment from a dropdown menu.

The next group of quick buttons will assist you with wholesalers and invoices:

  • Mark an order with Bad Debt
    • This is applicable to Net 15, 30 accounts, if a wholesaler has not paid a bill.
  • Print an Invoice
  • Email an invoice
    • An invoice is automatically sent at the end of the ordering process.  This option will send an additional email. 

These quick buttons make managing orders a lot less stressful.  We never want to have to hold an order, return an order, or mark a buyer with bad debt, but with these quick buttons, unpleasant order tasks are quick and painless.




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