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You know how security systems tell you not to use the same password for everything. But you do.  And so does just about everyone else. AllProWebTools has the answer for this potential security nightmare.

 The AllProWebTools' Password Manager allows you to record an unlimited number of accounts, the login, and the password.   Passwords are easily edited and/or deleted in the manager.

You can also register a clearance number for each password.  The system ranks from 0-9.  Employees with a 0 clearance will be able to see all passwords.  Employees with a different number will be able to see all passwords with a clearance number of, or higher than, the clearance they have been awarded.

No more concerns that employees have access to aspects about your business that you’d rather they not have..

Doesn’t that sound efficient?  The answer is –yes, it does.  The team at AllProWebTools uses this same system and the office never loses a beat trying to track down information like this.





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Pricing Calculator

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