Time is Money

Monday November 30, -0001 comments Tags: website, sales

Time is money, right?   AllProWebTools offers you two options for printing labels -  Flat Rate and Actual Weight.

Flat Rate

By selecting the Flat Rate check box you have chosen to ship your items in a preset priced package.  AllProWebTools will direct you to a page that lets you choose a small, medium or large box.  Choose an option, print label and your label will appear.  You will be able to print your label straight from the browser.

Actual Rate

To print a label using the actual weight of the parcel, simply type the weight into the boxes provided on the order’s page.  When you select [Print Postage] AllProWebTools will take you directly to the label, at which point you can print the label.

For all labels use 3” x 4” peel and stick labels that you get from your local office supply store.






Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

Total: $10 monthly