Climbing the ranks of Google

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

Everyone wants their website to be on the first page of Google. The trick is how to get there. SEO is not easy and search engines are always changing their algorithms but with AllProWebTools you have tools at your fingertips to make this part of your marketing plan simpler and to help you climb the ranks of Google.

 Basically, the way to get noticed by Google is through the use of keyword density. Your webite content needs to contain the most often searched keywords that relate to your product or service so Google can find you and rank you.  When you use AllProWebTools system it can tell you with a numerical percentage how you’re doing with keyword density for each page of your website.

You can do additional search engine optimization in the SEO Information tab:

  • Title your page:  This is what will appear when your page ranks on the Google search page.
  • Enter keywords:  This will add these keywords to the page source, which Google will read for more information.
  • Add a description:  This will appear under the title that appears on the Google search page.

 In today’s world the best way to gather more business is to make it easier for Googlers to find you.  By taking advantage of the gadgets of AllProWebTools you can get to the top of Google Searches and enjoy the view.





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Pricing Calculator

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