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Monday November 30, -0001 comments

Have you ever needed postage or ran out of shipping labels? Or you went to the Post Office and had to stand in line for what seemed like forever?  Avoid this problem from now on with AllProWebTools shipping manager and have a post office at your fingertips. We have a tool that can help you configure your shipping methods and print shipping labels too.

On the left side of your Shipping Manager you have control over your shipping accounts and shipping text.  Shipping text is the email content that will be sent to a customer when they complete a purchase.  The three shipping accounts that AllProWebTools supports are as follows:

  • Endicia(USPS)
  • FedEx
  • UPS

On the right side of your Shipping Manager you can control all the shipping options that your company has available.  When editing your shipping options you control the following:

  • Setting the status from active to inactive. (This will be highlighted in green and red, accordingly, on the shipping manager page.)
  • Whether this option will be available to customers.
  • How the shipment will be priced.  Using:
    • Actual Rate
    • Tiered Shipping Plan (per Item, Weight, Cart Subtotal)
    • Flat Base Amount.  You can type in a set amount here.
    • Additional charges per item, order, or ounce.
    • Insurance on shipments over a certain dollar amount (of your selection).
    • Labels, paper type, and margins.

AllProWebTools shipping manager keeps all your labeling, postage and shipping tasks easy to perform, leaving you more time to devote to other areas of your business.





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Pricing Calculator

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