Become an AllProWebTools Virtual Assistant Expert

You want to expand your services and increase your list of clients - we want to give you the tools and the leads to help you do it - for FREE!

No really, it's true! Every day, small business owners come to us looking for ways to better manage their businesses. They need the all-in-one solution that AllProWebTools provides and they need someone to help them manage it.

By registering as an AllProWebTools Provider we will wave your $195 setup fee and your monthly subscription cost for the first 3-months (a $344/month value!). After that, when you onboard and maintain three clients with AllProWebTools you can use all our tools (in your own account) for free for as long as you have three active, paying AllProWebTools clients.

How Our Tools Help Virtual Assistants and Their Clients

We already have several Virtual Assistants using our system for themselves and their clients. You can read more about how our platform has benefitted them in this article. To sum up however, our client’s favorite features give them the ability to:

  • Manage a client and prospect database
  • Sync all emails to each client account so you can easily see all communications
  • Email clients and prospects from inside AllProWebTools
  • Set appointments that sync to a Google Calendar
  • Pull reports to show online performance through Google Analytics
  • Make changes to and create new website pages
  • Create signup boxes to capture leads
  • Build email marketing campaigns
  • Keeping track of time spent on specific projects
  • Set up, assign, and receive notifications of tasks that need to be completed
  • Store and manage unlimited passwords
  • Create and manage products in an online store
  • Manage everything from one single technology platform starting at only $10/month!

Benefits of Being an AllProWebTools Provider

The tools mentioned above are available to anyone using AllProWebTools. However, if you become an AllProWebTools Provider, you will receive these additional benefits:

  • Waived setup fee for yourself ($195)
  • Unlimited Premium Support for your account
  • Three months access to all our features for free ($344/month value)
  • Free use of all AllProWebTools services for yourself when you maintain three paying AllProWebTools clients
  • Any client you sign up will not be charged the $195 setup fee. You can choose to charge this, or any other fee you’d like, to get your client on board
  • Charge your clients whatever you want to provide support, and manage their account monthly

If you don’t sign up three clients in three months, you can still maintain your status as a provider but you will need to pay for your AllProWebTools subscription until you are able to bring three clients under you. We encourage you to use those three months to familiarize yourself with the tools and use them for your own business so you can fully understand the benefits you can pass along to your clients. When you do achieve three AllProWebTools clients, you can go back to receiving your personal account for free.

But wait, it gets better!

Become an AllProWebTools Certified Expert

Once you have three active paying customers on AllProWebTools, you are eligible to qualify to become an AllProWebTools Certified Expert. To become an Expert, all you have to do is take a certification test in your field and pay the annual $199. Once you pass the test, you can become an AllProWebTools Certified Expert and receive these additional benefits at no cost:

  • Promotion in our Certified Expert Directory
  • Advertising within AllProWebTools to our current clients
  • Receive leads directly from AllProWebTools of people looking for help with their business
  • Receive direct support from AllProWebTools to recruit and sign up new users

We encourage ALL leads coming through our site to connect with an Expert to help them get established on AllProWebTools. The opportunity then becomes yours to determine how you can best help them manage their business using AllProWebTools and what you will charge to do it.

The truth is, there are many small businesses using platforms that costs significantly more, that are in need of a Virtual Assistant to help them manage it. By becoming an AllProWebTools Virtual Assistant Expert you can help them save a substantial amount of money, and acquire more clients for yourself, by helping them upgrade to AllProWebTools.

We would love to have you join us as an AllProWebTools Provider or Expert. Sign up today!

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

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