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Wednesday February 20, 2013 comments

Did you know that most people make up their minds within 3 seconds whether or not to stay on any given page? That means that you need to create a home page that is dazzling, fresh, innovative and eye-catching. You want to have a website that encourages them to stay long enough to digest your message. We can help you do just that.

 There is a psychology to color and design.  The right design can create instant emotional pull and recognition, or repel the viewer by its chosen layout and disorganized content. We give you the ultimate in user-friendly technology that allows you to create a website that will impact and draw in that elusive customer.  Our easy to use dashboard gives you the tools to create a unique website page using photos, text, color and texture.  You can link, locate and leverage to your heart’s content.   You have your own image gallery linked directly to your downloaded photos.  Our text applications allow you to copy and paste from Word or other locations and simply drop your completed copy into your new page.  We offer fonts, colors, links, point size and much, much more.  There is even a dictionary feature, a place for surveys, testimonials and blogs.

With Website page locator, you have at your fingertips all your created webpages where you can go to edit, place the page as a menu item or article, rearrange it’s appearance and order on the main menu tab and whether it will be a drop-down under a master menu bar item.  It is so easy to create your web page and hit the update button.  Before you know it, you will have a website creation to be proud of.  




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Pricing Calculator

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