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By: Casey Sutton Monday April 6, 2020 comments Tags: features, contract, invoice

Contracts are incredibly important for businesses. They allow for transparent communication between customers and businesses; understanding the scope of work and the products being purchased. AllProWebTools allows you to make contracts for your customers, and easily incorporate them into your business invoices.

How to Add the Contracts WebTool to your AllProWebTools Account

1. Go into the Settings tab, and click WebTools.

2. Click "Add a New Webtool", scroll down to Contracts, then click "Add."



How to Create a Contract

1. Go into the Store tab, and click Contracts.

2. Enter a name into the box, and then hit the '+' button on the side.

3. From there, you can hit the Edit button to the right of the newly created Contract.

4. Then, you can put your contract information in the text box. Using the Short Codes drop down, you can add Contract Initials{CONTRACTINITIALS} and Contract Yes/No{CONTRACTBOOL} for your customer to fill out.

5. There will always be a space already made at the bottom of the contract for a digital signature.



Creating an Estimate

1. Search for the customer that you would like to create an estimate for, find their contact, and click New Order.

2. Place the items into the order, and then click "Show Estimate."

3. On the Estimate page, scroll down to "Attach a Contract" box and check the box next to the contract you want to attach.

4. Scroll back up to the top and click "Email Estimate to Customer."

5. Once the contract is signed, it will record the name, and IP of the customer. It will then take them to the invoice so they can pay.



Verifying Contract Agreements

1. Search for the customer you would like to view the contract history of, and click on their order to view their Order History.

2. Scroll down to "Order Information", and click "View Contracts."

More information can be found in the video below:


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