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What are your Email Reports Saying about your Customer?

Sure, there’s plenty lot of basic software that will tell you how many emails you sent, and how many of those were opened, but what do you do with that information? It’s not giving you much to go on. With those few functions you’re just sending out email after email, never getting closer to fine tuning that dial to your customers.



If you noticed something wasn’t successful in your business,

you wouldn’t keep doing things the same way...would you?



But you can’t change what you don’t know.

What would it mean to you to know how much your customers engage with your email campaigns? You can see trends in what kinds of photos, or subjects, or promotions got the most action and build off your success. Try out emails with little changes here and there to test what connects the most with your customer.


Unopened Opportunity

Most of us don’t get excited by the number of unopened emails out of the many sent. But this isn’t a fail it’s a chance! People are different and we connect in various ways. Most people have a preference in the way they like to communicate.

  • Some of us love to chat on the phone
  • Others prefer a text or email
  • Some stick to Facebook messenger.

Having these unopened emails are a golden opportunity for small business to reach these customers. You can text, call or Facebook message them to connect, increasing the likeliness of of these contacts engaging with your business by 4 times!


No one likes rejection,

but it happens


Unfortunately, if you don’t see how the amount and who unsubscribed because of your email, you wouldn’t even know there was a problem with it. If your email gets a few unsubscribes then you can compare that email with your more successful ones, see what was different and once again get back to tuning that dial to your customer. Having these insights into your emails performance allows you to gauge how to best get you message across to you target customer, and what not to do. You'll begin to see patterns in what works best for your customers.


AllProWebTools provides your account with email tracking and email statistics. Great in tracking the success of what gets your customers attention through marketing campaigns, newsletters, blogs, and more.


allpro menu


  • Under the Marketing icon on the left bar of the screen, you will find a tab labeled “emails” that will bring you to all your existing emails, including those previously sent and scheduled to go out.
  • Click on the eye icon to pull up a view of your email as well as the statistics box for that email.
  • Email statistics are on the left side of the screen and will give a detailed breakdown of how successful your email was in communicating with customers, and if your email brought in revenue.


allpro email report


The email statistics report on:

      • How many emails were sent
      • The number opened
      • The amount unopened
      • Number of clicks from the email
      • If there were clients who unsubscribed or flag you as spam
      • How many bounced back because of an invalid email
      • How many shopping carts were created from the email
      • The dollar amount of sales the email produced



Looking for a quick guide for using your email statistics?

See our video below:




Sent refers to how many emails you sent, or how many contacts you tried. From there, your sent amount is broken down into three categories:

      • opened
      • unopened
      • bounces (below clicks and unsubscribes)

Amounts for each are located in the blue oval. By clicking this number you’ll get a detailed list of each contact in that list!


The different categories for email reports includes:


lets you know how many emails that you were sent were opened by it’s intended recipients


is the number of emails that were sent to a valid email address but were not opened by it’s recipient


refers to how many times the link on you email was clicked


are how many people removed themselves from your email list


are the emails that were not deliverable to the contact

(see article on Invalid Emails)

Spam Complaints

means a contact has flagged or reported your email


refers to the number of contacts who clicked your link in your email and also added items to a shopping cart on your site


is how many of these carts became paying customers


is how much revenue this email has generated (tracked through the links)





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