People Talk!

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

Many people never make a purchase unless they’ve done their research and that includes reading all the reviews they can find about a particular product online. Let's face it. People talk and when they find a product that they either love or hate they are more inclined to tell their friends and write a review. Word of mouth in the form of testimonials are your best advertising and AllProWebTools has a testimonial management system that helps your products stand out.

Your customers have the option to write reviews of your products on the page of that product or write a review in the form of an email or regular mail letter that you transcribe yourself. They can give you a audio testimony or a video download as well that can be easily recorded even from a smart phone. If you happen to receive a comment that is not favorable you have the option of posting it or not to make sure you are seen in the best light possible. 

The more your buyers know about your products and the more they can trust you by reading favorable reviews, as well as unfavorable reviews that you have addressed, the more they will buy and become a returning customer.




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