New 4.0 Pricing Structure

With our new Version 4 release, we've added a ton of new features to the contact management (CRM) part of AllProWebTools. We took a lot of your suggestions to make the CRM portion of the software exactly what you need to grow your business while saving time and money.

These new features do mean that we've had to restructure our prices. Here's what's happening.

Starting December 1, the CRM portion of the software, which many of you use to manage your contacts, will no longer be included in the $10/month Starter Kit. The Starter Kit still includes chat, your website, marketing tools, timecards, tasking, and the password manager.

Contact management--CRM--is now a separate WebTool that you must add on to your Starter Kit. That includes everything under the "Contacts" tab the left toolbar in your console.

Basic CRM - $10 / month

If you want to continue using AllProWebTools to manage your contacts, (and get the great upgrades we added in Version 4!) you will need to add the Basic CRM  WebTool.

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Users
  • Customizable Tags
  • Client Notes
  • Workflow Timeline

You can then add additional functionality to the Basic CRM with either (or both) of the following add-ons:

CRM Pro - $5 / month

  • Custom Fields
  • Customer Lifetime value
  • Callback time popup alerts

CRM Integrations - $10 / month

  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Dropbox Integration

If you're confused about pricing, click here to visit our pricing page, where we explain what is included with which WebTools. We've also added an easy Pricing Calculator to help you figure out how much your AllProWebTools subscription will cost. If you want to continue using contact management, make sure to select one of the CRM packages from the dropdown to accurately calculate your monthly subscription.

We understand the importance of affordable solutions to small businesses like yours. Please understand that we have done everything in our power to continue to offer the AllProWebTools solution at the lowest price possible. These adjustments were made after great consideration of all factors involved, including the ability to continue to fund excellent customer service and a reliable product.

We very much appreciate your continued support and contribution to helping us to create the ultimate all-in-one toolkit for small business.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, from now until December 1st, 2015, the Basic CRM will continue to be available at no additional charge. On December 1st, you will have the following options.

  1. You can subscribe to the Basic CRM package mentioned above
  2. Upgrade your CRM with new features: Google Calendar and Dropbox Integrations, and/or the toolkit of customization and alert options included in CRM Pro
  3. Deselect the Basic CRM by removing the tool from your "WebTools"

Starting December 1st, your invoicing will reflect whatever WebTools you have checked in your console, so make your choice before then! You are free to access the new CRM Pro or Integrations before December 1st, by adding them to your WebTools under "Settings" (Normal charges will apply).

Remember, you can try all new features for free for the first 14 days - just add them to your "WebTools". If you continue to use the feature after the initial 14 day trial period, charges will be listed on your following AllProWebTools invoice.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

Total: $10 monthly