New from AllProWebTools 5.0 - Improve Your Website with the Access by Country feature!

By: Anna Yates Tuesday May 28, 2019 comments Tags: website, #apwt5

In AllProWebTools 5.0, you now have the ability to choose which countries have access to your website. The Access by Country feature helps you increase your efficiency, protect your business, and gain peace of mind!

Why is restricting access a good thing?

You're a small business and you want to become a big business! To grow, you need as many customers as possible. So why would you want to restrict traffic to your website from other countries?

Think about it for a minute - if you're a bakery in Lakeland, FL, are you really going to sell muffins to Russia? Is your website written in the Cantonese language? How many qualified leads are you getting from Vietnam?

Even worse, allowing access to your website from any country could be dangerous.

When you allow only people in the US and Canada to visit your website, you can:

How to Allow Access by Country

Since AllProWebTools is a US-based product intended for US-based small businesses, we've set the US and Canada as the default countries that have access to your website. If you know you do business in another country, and want to add it so it has access to your website, follow these 3 easy steps!

1. From the dashboard, hover over "Settings," then click "Administrator."

2. On the right side of the "Administrator" page, click the "Access by Country" button.

3. In the "Countries Allowed" box, check all the countries where you want your website to show up. Then click "Save."

How to See a Report of Visits from Blocked Countries

Want to see all the times someone in a blocked country tried to visit your site? This would help you determine how often your website is showing up in other countries and if you need to adjust your SEO or could expand your market to include those countries. In AllProWebTools 5.1, you can see all the visits to pages from blocked countries! Here's how to do it:

1. From the Dashboard, go to Reports  Website Country Blocked Visits.

2. In the Country Blocked Visits report, you can see the IP address and country of the person who tried to visit your site. You can also see the date and the specific URL they tried to visit. Plus, you can search the report to find specific visits from blocked countries.

Get Started with Access by Country!

The Access by Country feature is available to everyone! When you sign up for an AllProWebTools account, you access our free unlimited website hosting and can choose which countries have access to your website. Learn more about our website and landing page features!

Anna Yates

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