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Monday November 30, -0001 comments

When YOU can't stay organized, your WEBSITE can.

Your inventory warehouse might be a mess, ok-probably a mess, but it’s an organized mess, right? 

You can always find things that you are looking for, but if you manage your website the way you manage your closet, your customers will never find what they are looking for and you will never make money. 

Keeping your products organized in categories will not only help your customers find products they're interested in, but also lead to customers returning to your well-organized site and increasing brand loyalty.

With the AllProWebTools Product Categories tool you can manage your product categories with a few button clicks.  You have the options to edit the following options:

  • Category Name
  • Precedence - controls the position of the category in the category list
  • Optional Image – upload images of products from your computer
  • Delete a Category
  • Child Of

*Making a Category a ‘Child of’ allows you to create additional subcategories within a category.  Say you have items of all different categories on sale.  You could create a category named “Sale” from there you could create categories for the shoes, hats, gloves, etc. that are on sale.

You know when your significant other asks you a million times where the remote is and you say it’s under the thing that’s behind the thing between the thing, and you say to yourself, “Seriously, that person couldn’t find their nose on their face?” Don’t let that be the story of your e-commerce website, get it organized –your customers will thank you in Benjamins.




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