Sell Products from your iPhone

AllProWebTools is introducing its newest features for business owners. The AllProWebTools Point of Sale Application gives store owners a powerful point of sale system that is directly connected to their online web store.



Enter New Customers:

With the AllProWebTools App users can lookup existing customers or enter new customers and process their orders with just a few short steps. The app will prompt the user for required information for shipment.

new customer

Search for Existing Customers:

You can search for existing customers by zip code, name, or email address and add items to their order.  You also have the ability to enter the same coupon codes and/or gift certificates that work on your web store to discount your customers’ purchase.

Existing Customers



Product Categories:

When adding items to a customer’s shopping cart, you will first select the category of items that the customer is interested in.  Simply tap the products that you would like to add to the order and enter the quantity.



Products are made easy to find by drill down from category.

Inventory from all Point of Sale devices, along with web store orders is tracked in real time.  Low inventory alerts can be configured to alert you to order additional product.



Simple Order Screen:

Once you have selected an item, it will be appear on the order screen.  You can change the quantity by simply touching the item on the order screen.



Checkout is Simple:

To check out and pay, tap the charge button on the bottom toolbar.  You can process payments with a credit card by swiping or manually typing in a card number.

Manually Enter Credit Cards:

Once the order is complete a copy of the invoice will be emailed to the customer.  Your available inventory will be automatically updated on all of your devices. 



Swipe Cards for Faster Transactions:

Card Swiping is available via the Magtek iDynamo accessory.  Swiped cards provide better fraud protection for merchants and usually include lower processing fees. The iDynamo uses the latest technology in tokenized transactions and includes triple layer encryption at the read head.  Tokenized transactions must be processed thru a Merchant Warehouse Gateway account, available here.

Manual entered transactions (not swiped) can be processed thru any credit card processing account that utilizes an gateway, available here.

Custom Invoicing:

Once you reach your successful swipe or charge page you will have an invoice link.  By tapping the link you will be directed to a browser
page and presented  with the customer's invoice.  A copy of this invoice can be emailed to the customer and/or printed.  This PDF invoice can be customized with your company logo, tagline, return policy and additional information.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

Total: $10 monthly