Productivity Report

When things get busy during your day, it can be hard to keep tabs on what everyone is working on. Are your employees working and collaborating efficiently? Are they bringing in a profit?

Especially if you're on the go, or if your team works remotely, you need a place to easily access information on how employees are spending company time. Get insights into employee time, tasking, chats, and customer interactions from this one report.

Detailed Reports
Detailed Reports

Quickly access granular detail into how employees spend company time. Customizable date ranges and a variety of reports help you get the information you need quickly and in high detail.


Increased Profitability
Increased Profitability

Compare how much you spend on employees' salaries, compared with how much money they're bringing into the company. Track how much they bring in in sales and time spent clocked into client to get a full picture.


Data-Driven Meetings
Data-Driven Meetings

Arm yourself with data about employee productivity, to make getting employee updates a faster, more productive endeavor. Hopefully, you can reduce your need to have meetings at all! 


What Can You Do With the AllProWebTools Productivity Report?

Track cost of employees versus money they bring into the company?
Of course.
Track employee tasks, client notes, chats, and timecard information?
In fine detail.
Compare employees side-by-side?
Identify top-performers?
Get easy updates from my console?
The report is always just a click away.

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Pricing Calculator

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