Secrets to Improving Productivity and Efficiency that Every Business Owner Should Know

Office supplies are expensive. Each product may seem like a small expense, but all those small expenses add up quickly. For example, take a look at the prices of common items at the office supply store:

  • Pens = $3.00 per dozen
  • Notepads = $12 for eight 50-sheet pads
  • Sticky notes = $16-18 per 12-pack
  • Paperclips = $3.00 per 500
  • Printer paper = $12.00 per ream
  • Inkjet printer ink cartridge = $25+

In order to stay productive, employees need to take notes, write memos to each other, and assign tasks. It is taken for granted that those supplies and multiple meetings in which the supplies are used are necessary to function.

But are they?

Although having a few supplies around may be helpful, you could drastically cut supply costs—and gain productivity—by making a simple substitution. A software tasking tool decreases consumption of pens, notepads, sticky notes, and most printed pages. After all, since many of those products are used to communicate inside the office the majority of the time, changing methods for even a few people can have a visible effect.

Decrease supply costs and reduce waste by using a tasking tool. Instead of spending hard-earned money on office supplies, digitize your notes and communication. It all adds up fast! Consider this, if an eight- to ten-person small business uses five sticky notes per person each day, it becomes up to 12,000 notes each year—nearly $200 just on sticky notes that will ultimately end up in the trash or recycle bin. Or worse – lost, forgotten and incomplete.

Tasking tools also boost efficiency. What if you could conveniently locate all messages in the same place? No more misplaced slips of paper or computer monitors plastered with Post-Its. A tasking tool cuts down on misunderstandings and forgotten tasks from water cooler or hallway conversations. It cuts down on the number of unnecessary meetings as well, leaving more time to be productive. With color-coded priorities, deadlines, and room for additional notes, tasks are organized and can always be relocated if questions arise down the road.

Sticky notes can’t track productivity— tasking and analytics tools can. When employees share information and tasks via conversations or handwritten notes, it is difficult to know exactly how the business is progressing, what is needed or being accomplished. The tasking tool allows business owners to track employee work (and even spot the perfect candidate for a promotion). When it is housed in the same location as sales data, you can also see how certain tasks and trends in productivity correlate to profit—monthly, weekly, or even daily.  

Included in its business management software, AllProWebTools’ tasking and analytic data tools allow you to cut office supply expenses, improve in-office communication, and track your progress. Find out for yourself how to increase your business’ productivity and efficiency. 

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