The PB&J of Downloading Attachments

By: Ash Emrich Tuesday October 26, 2021 comments Tags: small business CRM, crm, allprowebtools, attachments, downloads, files

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How Do you Make a PB&J?


Do you recall the peanut butter and jelly writing assignment from elementary school? The one where you had to write out step by step instructions on how to make a PB&J. The point was to get us thinking about how important it is that we don't leave out a detail, for example forgetting to mention that you need to unscrew the jelly jar would mean that your pb&j would be missing the 'J' part. It's not until you really stop to think about all the steps in fixing a simple PB&J that you realize how many actions you take for that one simple task. It got us thinking about how businesses save attachments, photos and documents, and all the steps that it takes to do so. 


For saving, sharing and sending files, you could:

          1. Recieve a Notification (if your alerts are on)
          2. Open the App
          3. Open the Message
          4. Scroll through message to the bottom
          5. Click Open Attachment
          6. Hit Save Attachment
          7. Choose Location to Save to
          8. Open your CRM
          9. Find the Client
          10. Click Upload File
          11. Find Saved File
          12. Click "Attach"
          13. Click Upload


Or you could...


    1.  Automatically Store Clients Files into your CRM


That's it. Done. 


Effortless Organization

You clients files are automatically stored in their customer profile on your CRM. Never go chasing down files, emailing your team back and forth trying to track down an email from weeks ago, no more waiting for someone to email you back an attachment, with all files uploaded directly they are always accessible to your team. Every file is saved to the right client, every time. You won't need to remind your employees about your companies procedures of where to save what. When you consider the time you save and the organization you gain, having an automated system for your clients files can really benefit your business. 


Pulsing with Productivity

The automated system allows your team to keep working uninterrupted. They won't be drawn out of their work by alerts, and they won't have to stop what their doing just to go open an attachment, download, save and upload the file to the CRM. Your team will not be held up again because of not having immediate access to files. For example, if an employee leaves early for the day but an important document comes in that afternoon, the team doesn't have to wait for them till the next day, and doesn't need to call them to get the email forwarded over. Work can continue more seemlessly with such accessibility and automation. 


Endless Uses

  • Wedding planner? Your clients can text or email you photos of things they like. YOu store them in their profile, and you can even create folders like "venue", "food" etc.
  • Contractor? Handyman? Electrician? Landscaping? Use your automated system to communicated with your clients about estimates, measurements, materials, etc.
  • Hair dresser? Encourage your clients to text you photos of the style the want and they will always be saved with that client.
  • Auto parts? Upload photos of parts and barcodes to keep accurate records and communicate with clients and insurance companies. 
  • Do you offer memberships? Send contracts instantly.

And so much more! 



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