SlideShows: The Easy Way!

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

AllProWebTools has an Image Rotator feature that allows the site manager to make a slide show on any given webpage.  With most Content Management Systems the website slideshow is a set tool that a web developer puts on your website and site managers don’t have much control over.  

With AllProWebTools’ Content Management System the Image Rotator allows users to customize their website slideshow by changing these 3 controls:

  1. Width and height of your website slideshow window
  2. Transition effects – the way an image transforms into another image
  3. The speed in which images change

There are also options to change the control a viewer has on the website slideshow.  Here are three ways that AllProWebTools' Content Management system helps to customize the control a viewer has on your website slideshow:

  1. Direction Navigation - This will place translucent arrows on either side of the image.  The arrows will allow the viewer to click forward and backward through images.
  2. Control Navigation – Allows viewers to jump photos with clickable buttons on the bottom of the slideshow.
  3. Hover Navigation – Pauses when the viewer’s cursor hovers over an image.

The Image Configuration tab gives the site manager complete control over the content of the slideshow.  It gives control to:

  • Add images
  • Set precedence(which order the images display)
  • Make images clickable

 Images are a great way to tell the viewer who you are, what makes you unique and why they should do business with you.  All the options that you have with the Image Rotator give you more options and abilities to interact with your site’s viewers and, ultimately, your customers.   More interactions means more trust which leads to more sales. 




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