SEO for different cities

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SEO for different cities

Post by Jeff804 »

Looking for anyones success in obtaining top page seo for different cities. As a service provider my business address is in fort collins and Google recognizes that when you type in Pressure Washing and you are in Fort Collins with your mobile device were are to the top of the list.
As you type in pressure washing and you are in Loveland a close by city we are not to be found near the top.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We are aware of keywords using the surrounding cities name but that is not enough.

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Re: SEO for different cities

Post by Scott3487 »

Hi Jeff,

Scott here with Social Reach. Here are some strategies we use to boost our own and our clients' SEO status in different locations.

1. Google My Business and actively posting to it like on a social media platform is definitely key to SEO rankings. You probably have one set up for your home office, you could get a mailbox in another city to add another GMB location and help your business rank in searches and maps that way.

2. A second way to help you rank is to create citations in those cities with that new address as well. A citation is just a business listing on certain business directory websites, like Google My Business. This could include yelp, additional Facebook Business locations, etc.

3. The last suggestion I would have for you is that you can create strategic blogs on your blog or website that are useful, engaging and, highlight the location name frequently to help you rank for that location and keyword mix when users enter them into Google searches.

If you have any additional questions about any of these, feel free to respond here!
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