Dictionary Term Already Exists

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Dictionary Term Already Exists

Post by Jeff804 »

I am working on building up my dictionary terms however I do have several services that are similar. ie Fence staining, Deck staining, Concrete staining, Concrete sealing etc and the system keeps claiming that similar term already exists however that is really limiting my ability to optimize all my words.

Also I know the terms are case sensitive and there are places on a web page where you may have the term "Fence Staining" Capitalized and on the same page lower case in the content. It would be nice if the system allowed to target both without kicking it out case sensitive and claiming that similar term exists.

Does anyone have a similar issue or fix to this??

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Re: Dictionary Term Already Exists

Post by Ayates3487 »

The article here explains the Dictionary system in detail, and I believe will answer your questions.

https://www.allprowebtools.com/Increase ... ry-Terms-/

It sounds like you may have created a single word term of "staining" - this is way to broad of a term and you will never rank for this term on Google. You should always use 2 or 3 word terms - never a single word term. This is why it is conflicting, because the term "staining" is a part of the term "Fence Staining"

Specifically the article states: "The term IS case sensitive, but you can add both lower-case and upper-case versions of the term and have them link to the same definition by using parent terms."
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