Sales are not showing in Sales Pipeline

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Sales are not showing in Sales Pipeline

Post by Johnathon3901 »

I created an order for a total of 25 cents yesterday and when I go to my pipeline, I do not see the 25 cent order in the list of paid orders.
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Re: Sales are not showing in Sales Pipeline

Post by Dave »

In order for an order to be applied to the Sales Pipeline of one of your team members, the order needs to be credited to the sales rep.

By default, your AllProWebTools account is not configured to REQUIRE an sales rep to be applied to the invoice, you can change this setting by going to settings->users and on the right side - slide the switch for "sales rep required on orders" - be sure to hit the "save" button at the bottom of that screen.

Now you will be asked who the sales person was for each invoice entered into the system.
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