Deleted customer record not showing up in download

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Deleted customer record not showing up in download

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When people sign up using the sign-up boxes on this page, ... kfast-a68/, the attendees receive a confirmation e-mail. The attendees' names only appear on the "Contacts" page under this tag: ... hp?tags=29.

My goal is to make sure all the attendees appear under the "Import/Export" tag page, and it is not working. There should be 2 names in this tag, "2021Builder Breakast Attendee", under the "Import/Export" page, and I am only showing 1 name: ... -admin.php.

How do I ensure that all names appear under the "2021 Builder Breakfast Attendee" tag in the "Import/Export" page? This is where I plan to download the spreadsheet to show all attendees who have registered. Is the tag name incorrect? Does the tag name have to match the name on the actual page? Do I have to add the 68 after the name?

What seems to be the glitch?

Thank you for your help!
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Re: How do I post specific products to a specific web page?

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It appears that you had 2 records in that tag. One of them was called "Test SmithTest". Someone deleted it after it was added to the tag. This is why it is not showing when you download the csv. You can restore it from it's deleted state by pressing the button on this page: ... hp?id=4420

Once you have restored the record it will be downloaded in the CSV file.