Ability to cc: in individual emails sent to contacts

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Ability to cc: in individual emails sent to contacts

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Hello!! We have several form emails that we have created to follow along with our workflow and we send them individually to our contacts when necessary through the "new email" button on the contact form. There are many occasions where we need to send that email to MULTIPLE addresses (including myself), but we can't, we're limited to just the contact's email address.

Here's why I would want to cc: myself:
Client no- shows for session
Says he never "got the email" we sent confirming the session date/time/details (which was sent through contact form)
All I can do is printscreen the workflow timeline and show that it was sent through our CRM

*But if I had cc'd myself, it would be time/date stamped (likely in my trash) and I could just re-send it showing we indeed DID send the email. I could also use this email as a REMINDER and just re-send it to them a day or 2 before their session date. Unless there's another way to RE-SEND the same email from the workflow timeline?

Here's why I would like to cc: others in the email:
1. We have photo sessions for high school seniors. Their parents have different email addresses, and the SENIOR also has a different one, but they all need that same email confirmation for the senior's session
2. I would like to include a VENDOR in the email.... we have a wardrobe consultant that is at the sessions also, and she needs the email for the date/time/location of the photo session.

Can you add the ability to add more than 1 address to the New Email button on the contact form?
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Re: Ability to cc: in individual emails sent to contacts

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This does sound like a needed feature for emails
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