Contact Record Queries

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Contact Record Queries

Post by Chuck4136 »

It would be great if Tags narrowed further each time. For example if there are 1000 contacts in the database and all 1000 records are tagged 'Clients" and only 100 of those clients are in Texas and are tagged Texas also, then be able to click "clients" which will pull up all 1000 records, then click Texas and the search will narrow to just the 100 clients in Texas..

Another way would be to make a page linked to the master tag list and for the user to be able to click the boxes they wanted the search to be narrowed down to. The more boxes they tag the more narrow the search. For example in a query box that matches the master tag list be able to click Clients, then Texas and all the records that are tagged Clients and Texas will query up.

Can there be a form with all of my tags listed with check boxes that I can go down the list and select the tags that I want my contacts to be narrowed down to?

Thank you
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Re: Contact Record Queries

Post by Dave »

Thanks for the suggestion. We are continuing to add additional functionality to allow for sorting and filtering of tagged contacts.

At this time and for the level of detailed filtering you are in need of. We recommend performing this filtering and sorting using a spreadsheet program such as Excel (Windows) or Numbers (Apple) or Sheets (Google docs). This will allow you to create macros, filters, sorts, pivot tables and a number of other functionality.

Once you have filtered your list in one of these programs, you can import it into a specific tag in your AllProWebTools account. From there you can use it to schedule your next email marketing campaign.
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