AllProWebTools Version 2.59 (12-30-2013)

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AllProWebTools Version 2.59 (12-30-2013)

Postby Paige » Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:44 pm

  1. Forgot Password functionality for console login
  2. Improved look of email notifications
  3. SEO Improvements
    1. Ability to put non alpha-numeric characters in URl
    2. Remove limit on SEO description
    3. Ability to seo redirect page types
    4. Ability to login to multiple consoles

Website Package
  1. Improved image / file management
    1. Ability to sort by file name, type, date and size
    2. Improved uploader
    3. Centralized location for image / file management
  2. "Trash" container for deleted web pages
  3. Ability to set a different page as the homepage
  4. A/B split tester integration
  5. Improved lead management
    1. Add time to call back
    2. Save URL to buyer
  6. Testimonials
    1. Location optional (comma inserted if location present)
    2. Ability to delete testimonial photos
  7. Improve adding deleting and managing blog categories / allow alpha order / select all and delete functionality
  8. Copyright token that updates with the current year for use in the footer
  9. Upload custom image backgrounds

Shopping Cart Package
  1. Send email to abandoned carts with cart load
  2. Remember tab on shipping options
  3. "Trash" container for deleted products
  4. Add customer number on view order page

Email Marketing
  1. Box designs on lead boxes
  2. Customize button value on signup box

Wholesale Add-on
  1. Separate delivery zip codes for wholesale and retail
  2. Add reseller indication on view order page

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