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AllProWebTools Version 4.62 (11-07-2017)

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:03 pm
by JohnB
Base Package
  1. Ability to position Social Sidebar
  2. Ability to reorder social media account icons
  3. Added tutorial tours
Commerce WebTool
  1. Updated product category editor
  2. Gift orders can be created from the console
CRM WebTool
  1. Comment box input for Sign-Up Boxes
  2. Ability to re-order how Custom Fields appear
  3. Ability to add specific type Custom Fields, such as dropdown, and numeric inputs
  4. Added a Sign-Up box submissions report under Reports->Website->Submissions
  5. Added a report of entered buyer notes under Reports->Users->Notes Entered
Email Marketing WebTool
  1. AllProWebTools SMTP Server
  2. Updated Email editor and added template options
Social Capture
  1. Added ability to capture customer information with Facebook login button