AllProWebTools Version 4.61 (08-01-2017)

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AllProWebTools Version 4.61 (08-01-2017)

Postby JohnB » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:02 am

Base Package
  1. Added switches to the console that are easier to read
  2. Minor changes to <u>Settings->Users</u>
    • Only shows Active users, with a button to view Inactive users
    • Reorganized the Basics tab for User Settings
    • Changed the "User Type" setting under Permissions tab to a single setting
  3. Updated the Theme Editor under <u>Settings->Administrator</u>
  4. Added support for SRV records under <u>Settings->DNS Records</u>
  5. Tasks can be marked as "Unread"
Commerce WebTool
  1. Added additional report filters under <u>Reports->Accounting->Sales Report</u>
  2. Fixed how product categories are displayed on the website
CRM WebTool
  1. Improved Sign-Up Boxes
    • Added ability to hide input labels
    • Sign-Up Box displays loading icon when it is submited
CRM Integrations WebTool
  1. Updated Dropbox API library
Email Marketing
  1. Short Codes can be inserted into an email from the WYSIWYG editor
  1. Upgraded OS
  2. Upgraded SSL

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