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AllProWebTools Version 5.6 (11-01-2020)

Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 12:32 pm
by Dave
Base Package
  1. AllProWebTools Drive usage now shown on monthly AllProWebTools invoice
  2. Contact page SYSTEM template and security improvements
  1. Invoice Templates
  2. invoice notes - both private and printed on invoice
  3. "Login as buyer" - no longer requires password reset
  4. Membership page message when user does not have member access - new page called SYSTEM-Member-Denied-Access-Page
  1. Hide custom fields from CRM
  2. Optional fields for leadboxes
  3. Improved duplicates merging - now called "Combine Contacts"
  4. Improved zipcode lookup speed
  5. Improved timezone calculations to be more accurate
CRM Email Inbox
  1. NEW Marketing Campaign Trigger when someone replies to your email
CRM Integrations
  1. Allows your website visitors to upload files to your Google Drive account after they login to your website or make a purchase.
Experts & Providers
  1. Create separate ads for each AllProWebTools certification you hold