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AllProWebTools Version 5.73 (12-15-2021)

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 1:44 pm
by Dave
Base Package
  1. New activity report shows contacts active during time range
  2. Tasking now allows updated notes to be sent to customer email
  3. Login screen security enhancements and automatic forgot password assistance
  4. Added incident reporting to better identify AllProWebTools mis-configuration issues
  5. Added ability to copy an estimate
  1. "My Account Page" - for customers now allows changing email marketing preferences
  2. "My Account Page" - for customers now show pending estimates and quotes and allows to pay for an estimate
Email Pools
  1. NEW - Add prospects lists at a measured rate.
Phone Integration
  1. Fixed issue when joining campaign after business hours - no longer sends after hours message
  2. Fixed issue where images could not be sent in a text message from the computer dashboard
Email Marketing
  1. Resuming a paused campaign now updates all past members send dates to the future. The system will not longer "catch up" on past scheduled email sends.
  1. Improved setup UI

  1. Contracts that have been signed can now be found on the customer's "my account" page when the customer logs in.
  1. Added ability to restore all deleted contacts deleted by tag.
Email Marketing WebTool
  1. Clarified send limit restriction when uploading from a tag